SKYROS’s Technology


In our workshops we fabricate cutting-edge, high quality and functional items that are at par with how we tailor our products and the details of our clothing. Our manufacture standards are designed following the needs of our athletes. We bring them the best performance and comfort in our products, regardless of their sport.


We use the Maxdry technology, which allows you to be always comfortable, no matter your sweating. Our products are tailored using the best manufacture technologies, materials and designs. By complying with the best quality and international standards for each sport, we bring comfort and quality to athletes worldwide.


We have the most diverse and complete sportswear in the market. This way, we ensure to any athlete in the world the best sports clothing available. Chemise, T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, jackets, caps, hats, bags, socks and shoes are some of the products that are part of our wide stock of items. Visit our catalog to know more about our products.