About us

We're a Venezuelan company devoted for more than ten years to designing, manufacturing and merchandising sportswear made with the best materials, cutting-edge technology and the highest sport competition standards based on the international regulations for each sport.

SKYROS's products are established in both Venezuelan and global markets as a testimony of quality, comfort and durability. Thousands of athletes from the Americas and the globe wear SKYROS during the most important sports events, including the Olympic games and various sports world championships.

In SKYROS we are passionate to support the development of high-competitive sports in Venezuela and the world. We sponsor hundreds of athletes, clubs and national teams by bringing them the best sportswear.

Make the difference with Skyros!


We're a company focused on becoming the leading sportswear brand in Latin America and the rest of the continent. We vouch for the highest quality standards to our partners, sponsors and customers, allowing them to stand out with the best performance and results at each competition.


We're inspired in the sporting philosophy of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics. Through this premise, we produce unique pieces with a significant and intangible value to encourage sports practices, success, entrenchment and healthy competition.

Our products, excellence and respect towards our sponsors and customer bring us the core values that make our brand a benchmark in the worldwide sports market.

Core values:

  • We design the best quality clothing for each sport.
  • We customize our customers' ideas to fulfill their requirements.
  • We offer full consultancy in the design process.
  • We use the best raw materials in the market, with the best details.
  • Most importantly, we create, and our inspiration is based on the brand's passion for sports.
  • We strongly believe in sports and the Olympics as a mean to save humanity.
  • We believe in the Olympic values of friendship, excellence and respect, and we follow them during our operations daily.